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What is the Point of Dry Cleaning?

Why #dryclean? what really is the point of dry cleaning? is it really better for your clothes?

Here are the most common myths about dry cleaning that have people going crazy about it, and we are here to debunk the myths once and for all.

Number 1: Dry Cleaning is literally dry, (which sounds very weird)

Over the years ive heard the silliest things about dry cleaning from clients, the ridiculous ideas that have been floating around for years about the mythical powers of dry cleaning. The fact is, almost all of us are practicing some sort of dry cleaning in our daily lives. Dry cleaning is not dry in fact, its quite wet. The reason it got the name dry cleaning is because dry cleaning machines dry clothes before they can be taken out for further processing.

Number 2: Dry Cleaning is better for color: Could not be more wrong.

Dry cleaning solvents are harsh, and all of them, even the good ones come from the petroleum industry. They are very effective in de-greasing and have a high impact on textile dyes. So yes frequently dry cleaning your clothes will effectively remove color pigments.

Number 3: Dry Cleaning keeps clothes looking like new.

I honestly think people need to understand once something is used, it is not new and there is nothing in the world that can reverse wear and tear. Maintaining the freshness and feel mostly depends on how it is used and not just on the way it is cleaned. Hanging your clothes properly, not over using, and not over washing will help extend the life of your clothes. Dry cleaning can help preserve brand new fabrics that have not been exposed to sweat, food stains, dirt marks etc. This is why manufacturers tend to dry clean clothes before packing them. However clothes once used often require wet cleaning especially ones exposed to sweat and other water based stains.

So why dry cleaning? simply put the reason dry cleaning was initially put to use was the shortage of water supply in Europe. We have all seen this in the movies based in the 18th century, baggy old clothes that aren't washed. So at the time dry cleaning was used to clean clothes since the same solvent could be used over and over again to keep cleaning a lot of items. Of course dry cleaning did remove stains and made clothing a bit more presentable however the odor must have been so horrible. Times changed and water became more abundant and household washing machines were invented and industry changed for good.

Nowadays Dry cleaning is only good for items that have high amounts of starch fiber in them, since dry cleaning solvents don't dissolve these fibers, clothes keep their shape. These fibers are usually wool, silk, cashmere, very light cotton and similar. So dry cleaning is a tool that helps us process items that in other words can't be dealt directly with water. Even now advanced laundries like our own have discovered wet cleaning methods to process these fabrics which give them better freshness and more comfort to wear.

Water is the safest way and most eco friendly way to do your laundry, check your garment label too, most manufacturers will recommend a 30 degree wash, which is what we like to do whenever we can!

Go Green, the Planet needs us now more than ever!

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