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Why Choose Platinum as your Service Provider?

Did you know that Platinum is the ONLY service provider in the UAE to have a 100% Green Dry Cleaning process. Choosing us means that you're helping in our long goal of changing the dry cleaning industry.

The Dry cleaning industry is definitely a difficult one, with a lot suppliers using ridiculous methods to cut costs. Of course all this cost cutting in turn damages the customers, the environment and sadly the employees of the company.

One of the biggest motivating factors to switch to a safer service provider was to make sure that employees have a safer and happier environment to work in.

Platinum is definitely trying to be a symbol of progression in the UAE, we the majority of dry cleaners resorting to unacceptable methods we decided to write down 3 major qualities that will completely set us apart from any other dry cleaner you come across.

- Everything we do is on premises, right in front of your eyes, its open access and we aren't ashamed of hiding anything. the standard of hygiene is what you expect from the food industry. With regular cleaning, fumigation and a process itself that supports hygiene above all other things. The neatness of our facility is sure to impress most. The standards not only reflect in the surroundings but in the staff as well.

- Eco-Friendly processes, not only our dry cleaning solvent is extremely safe to use, we try and adapt a more ethical approach to each and every single process. This involves the reduced use of paper, recycling of laundry materials, state of the art machines that reduce consumption of water. State of the art machines that actually reduce electricity consumption by 50% which is absolutely amazing. The staff works with the goal in mind to minimize wastage, we encourage customers to reuse as much as possible and we always go to great lengths to help out such customers who share in our goal.

- One of the biggest reasons we are better than most laundries out there is actually to do with what we call individual item treatment. Yes our quality is great, clothes smell great and ironing is crisp and sharp, but in all honesty this isn't something to brag about. However to focus and attention to detail is key, separately treating items for individual customers, we prefer to wash in smaller loads instead of throwing the entire worlds clothes in one wash. This gives our clients the confidence that we are treating your clothes better than you would be at your own homes, at a commercial level too!

Truly this has to be the future of the dry cleaning and laundry service, in a world where all different kinds of services have become so personal, Platinum extends a hand of friendship to its clients.

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