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What are Dubai Laundries doing Post Covid?

Covid hit the world quite harshly, it revealed a lot dirt and grime being piled away and hidden in the cleaning industry for a very long time.

There are generally 3 types of dry cleaners or laundries in the city.

1- The complete in house process dry cleaners, which are rare and only a handful.

2- The warehouses, where your clothes are transported somewhere far away and mixed with God knows whom's clothes into giant washers.

3- Tiny laundry shops are all over the city the outsource most of their work, these laundries are often very cheap, however have very low standards of hygiene.

So the idea behind this is to really educate the Dubai population. Whenever you do send out your clothes to be dry cleaned, make sure how they are being treated. Many people did not realize before Covid 19 how often diseases and viruses are transmitted through improper handling of clothing.

Covid has been a great educator in many ways, and we see the trend in UAE for every premise to be hygienic and sanitized.

At Platinum Cleaning Solutions LLC we have adopted this approach from the very first day of operations. We have a complete in house processing system, a state of the art facility, with educated staff that know how to give the correct respect to your garments. We treat our employees fairly, offer good wages and health support, which adds again to the entire way clothes are treated.

So we really urge people to look for and push for higher hygiene standards, cheap does not mean good in any way. Cheap usually means the company is finding a way to cut costs at the expensive of quality, safety, hygiene and other crucial benefits.

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