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How to Make Your Laundry Smell Great

There is something about fresh laundry that gives such a great cozy feeling, but many people wonder on how to get really fresh smelling laundry without overdosing on fabric softener and/or detergent.

#freshlaundry #secrets about to be revealed.

So even though most of the tips I am about to mention apply to almost everything, this article is specifically tailored to the #UAE or #Dubai environment.

Here are the things that affect the way your laundry smells.

1- The size of your washing Machine, no point stuffing in extra large clothes into a small machine, ideally a 7 to 8KG washing machine is best for a busy house. If you have a smaller 6KG machine, try to keep your laundry load lower than 3KG, otherwise a 8KG machine should easily tackle a big 6KG load.

2- Check your washing machine filter, yes, most machines have filters that need to be cleaned, or rubber lining that needs to be cleaned. Check for excessive scaling and gunk that may be hiding from you. Its a good habit to leave your washing machine door open for some time to air out to avoid gunk collecting in the rubber seal. Try to clean out your washing machine by using a washing machine cleaner, or scrubbing it with vinegar and baking soda to kill all bacteria and germs.

3- Water temperature is really important in having a good result, especially when it comes to making clothes smell great. The UAE heat makes for very hot water in taps and this results in hot washes even when we dont want. The solution? try and do your laundry as early as possible.

4- Always hang dry indoors, its better to hang dry indoors on a hangar rather than putting clothes in the sun. Sun drying is good for items like towels and linen, where you would like to have a crisp result. However for softer cottons its best to hang indoors in a normal temperature, this results in a longer lasting freshness.

5- Do not overdose your detergent or fabcon and most importantly, do not over wear your clothes, anything worn for more than 30 mins is used and should not be worn again.

Hopefully all these tips will work great for you as well, looking forward to comments and of course if you require dry cleaning service in Dubai, hit us up!

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