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Getting Cheek and Side Face Acne? Do This!

The most common, and widespread issue that teenagers and adults have to face. #Acne. With so many different causes and reasons its no wonder the fight against it will be never ending.

However as a laundry expert we have one major suggestion. Clean your bedding regularly, keep washing those pillow cases and those sheets on a weekly or even twice a week. We spend a lot of time in our beds and dirt on our sheets is equal to Acne, especially on your cheeks and chin. Most things can be easily washed at home, but did you know it is extremely important to wash your pillows too! A minimum of 2 times a year is quite necessary. Wash your duvets and comforters too regularly. All that cloth is horrible for your skin and will cause problems no matter how much you splurge on beauty products.

It is important to eliminate the source!

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