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Hydrocarbon Dry Cleaning in the UAE

The #UAE is known to be a pioneer in the technological revolution of the 21st century. Where new technology is always just a corner away, #Platinum dry cleaning is actually one of the first outfits in Dubai to adopt a complete hydrocarbon solution to #DryCleaningDubai.

So what really is dry cleaning? The reason its called dry cleaning is because the clothes come out of the machine dry as compared to a washing machine in which they come out wet. However there is nothing dry about dry cleaning itself. In dry cleaning a chemical solvent is used to clean clothes; the best real life example for this is how nail polish removers clean color of nails, a liquid chemical is used to remove dirt and clean clothes.

Traditionally 95% of worldwide dry cleaners use PERC, turpentine, kerosene and even petroleum as a dry cleaning solvent. PERC being the most commonly used one. Even though all these solvents do a pretty good job at getting rid of stains they aren't very friendly to clothes, to the people who wear them and to the employees who work with them. PERC is a proven cancer hazard.

Keeping this in mind many countries will be banning the use of PERC and other solvents by 2020, the world is trying to make an effort to shift to greener and Eco-friendly practices. Keeping this as a goal, Platinum is trying to bring about that change in dry cleaning to the local market in the UAE as well.

Talk to us if you would like to know more about how we dry clean items!

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