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Professional leather cleaning in dubai, the best way to ensure ant life of our leather garments is to make sure that they are frequently taken care of by a professional. We only use the best products and the safest methods to process leather garments and our trade secret has led to 100% success with leather items in the past.

Leather is definitely a difficult and tricky item to clean always, since we have to take into account factors such as the quality of the material, the amount it has already aged, signs of water damage and heat damage, the elasticity and more. Luckily for you we have in the past even been able to restore leather jackets covered in mold. We do recommend you bring in your leather jackets at least once a season for them to be worked on. If you enjoy wearing your jacket frequently then, once every ten wear becomes a mandatory cleaning cycle. Always remember to bring in your jackets if they get overly wet in the rain or some big water spills.

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